Appointment of new Parent’s Representatives

On 5th March 2021, the gathering of parents in the school at the Music Hall was done for the election of the parent’s representative. Mr. Kunchok Sherap and Mrs. Dixita Thapa volunteered to stand for the candidates and both of them were unanimously elected as the parents representative for the duration of three years. The school headteacher thanked the former Parent’s representative Mr. Tsangpala and Mrs. Samten la and also wished the best for the new parent’s representatives. All the parents are asked to keep in contact with the parent’s representative for the overall well-being and for the effective communication.

They can be contacted at Mr. Kunchok Sherap: 9843562846 Mrs. Dixita : 9803543706

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Parent’s Day- 5th March 2021

This year all the teachers and students of classes I-X gathered to observe the Parent’s day on the occasion of the birthday of the great mother. The principal lighted the butter lamp in front of the portrait signifying dispelling the ignorance and gave a speech regarding the importance of parental love and role. The Head Teacher read and explained the statement on the day by Sherig Kalon of Department of Education, Dharamsala.

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Installation of hand washing Station

With the financial assistance given under WASH project through Snow Lion Foundation, the new hand washing station equipped with four taps, sink and liquid soap dispenser was installed and inaugurated jointly by Gen. Sonam Tsering la, administrator of SLF and madam Nima la, principal on 28th February 2021 in the mass gathering of teachers and students . Mr. Tenpa la explained about the usage of the facility and the Ms. Tenzin Choedon la demonstrated the handwashing steps. Mr. Sonam la guided the students in wearing their mask properly and it’s proper care. He also explained about the importance of precautionary measures. The school principal thanked the office of Snow Lion Foundation for realizing the project.

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Reopening of School after Lockdown

Our school reopened after the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic on 21st February 2021 with the precautionary safety measures and guidelines prepared through the meeting of all the staff members. All our nearby students assembled on the day and went to their respective classes maintaining social distance, using hand sanitizer, and putting on with their mask. The meeting of parents was also done after lunch and the school clarified the precautionary measures and clarified the queries of parents.

It was informed that the classes will be held on an alternative day basis for the classes below class VIII and the regular classes will be carried on for classes VIII, IX, and X. Though the situation looks tense because of the pandemic yet the classes went on smoothly. Admission of new students was also carried on during the same time.

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SGVB workshops

Two students, a teacher and the school nurse are appointed as focal persons for creating awareness and educate the students about the SGBV(Sexual and Gender Based Violence) for this academic year. Various workshop were given to the focal persons by the office of Snow Lion Foundation in collaboration with Nepal Fertility Care Centre. The focal persons after their participation in various workshop have created awareness to all the students from class III-X about the same issue to the students in different groups. Today they conducted workshops for the students of class X-A and X-B.The topics covered in the workshop were:Physical Violence, Psychological Violence and Sexual Violence.

SGVB Focal persons: Gyen Dhondup(Teacher), Chime Lhundup(Nurse), Dawa Dorjee(Student) and Dechen Khando(Student).

Last year students of Class VIII, IX and X performed drama in three different languages on Rape(in Nepali), Attempt to Rape(in Tibetan), and Domestic violence(in English) respectively. These drama were also performed in Atisha School in Jawalakhel, Namgyal Middle School in Swoyambhu and in Namgyal Higher Secondary School in Gokarna.

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Inter House Cultural Dance and Song w-2017


 This year Inter Cultural Dance and Song performance was presented on 25th August. All the parents were invited and the two newly appointed parents representatives were the special guest of the day. Each house presented 4 items which includes Tibetan Solo song, Tibetan group song, Tibetan group dance and Nepali group dance. The students presented well to the satisfaction of parents, school staff members and moreover the students themselves.We have our own unique culture and tradition as our identity apart from the language and religion.These cultural presentation brings the feeling of closeness towards ones tradition. House captains and house teachers deserve the feeling of satisfaction!



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New admission for the AY 2017/2018 open

The new admission for the Academic Year 2017/2018 will be done on 10th April. Admission forms will be issued on the first come and first serve basis on the same day. The entrance test will be conducted on 11th April. The new academic year is commencing from 16th April,2017 i.e. on Sunday.All those who are willing to join this school for this year are asked to contact immediately.

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July 2015: Talk about Entrepreneurship

Mr. Gonsar Tenzin Sonam of Edulift gave a talk about the entrepreneurship to our students of class X. He explained about the term entrepreneur and its significance. He even emphasized for the boosting of entrepreneurs in our society which in turn will develop the individual and society as well.

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1st August 2015: Counseling for class X students

IMG_6242    IMG_6257IMG_6269

Today a different kind of program was launched in our school for class X students. Though the day was a weekend holiday many of our class X students attended the program with huge expectation. It was the seminar of life experiences sharing by four resource person in their own professional field. We had Mr. Sanjog Rai, Photographer, Mr. Thendup Sherpa, TV program presenter, Mr. Bipen Gurung, Fashion Choreographer and Mr. Kailash K. Shrestha, Visual artist. Each of them are excelled in their own field and explained clearly about their professional field. Students got the opportunity to learn the real experience in their field and students exhibited keen interest to learn many things in their profession of interest.

The program was organized through Snow Lion Foundation initiated by the Career counselor Mr. Dhondup Tsering and assistant, Ms. Dolkar Lhamo la. The packed eatery was served to all during the interval session.

IMG_6276 IMG_6297 IMG_6285

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29th May 2015: Temporary classrooms built

IMG_4848 IMG_4856 IMG_4878 IMG_4895 IMG_4917 IMG_5063

This is to inform all our students and staff members that we are going to resume our school from this Sunday i.e. 31st May 2015.The tents are pitched in the school playground and classes will be carried on there until we could well renovate the classrooms. Thank you to all our residential staff members and the students who have voluntarily perspired great hard work in the well making of bamboo and plastic tarpaulin ready to be used as classrooms. At this very difficult time to many residents of earthquake affected areas, we would like to convey our heartfelt thanks to all those who have taken part in supporting the victims with different relief work. We are very lucky that we didn’t suffer any physical injuries to any of our students and staff members. However, our school classrooms and other office block is badly cracked because of the 25th April earthquake and its after shocks. Thank you to all those who have assisted us with the materials and financial assistance for establishing temporary urgent classrooms.

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